We’re dedicated to helping young people enter the exciting and ever-changing world of construction. Through valuable and in-depth funded programs, Build Skill makes vocational training easy to access for people from all walks of life.

As part of your training, you’ll learn both the methodology and hands-on side of bricklaying, including practical experience that will help you to become confident in working on a busy construction site. We pride ourselves on shaping the next generation of bricklayers and our funded programs are at the heart of our mission to inspire excellence across the construction industry.

If you are a young person who is interested in embarking in a career in construction get in touch.

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An apprenticeship is essentially a full-time job that incorporates specific training. As a result, you hit the ground running and earn while you learn. Combining an on-site role with study sessions in our custom-built facility, it’s a fantastic way to train to become a skilful and fully qualified bricklayer.

The Level 2 apprenticeship lasts for two years and involves attending training sessions at a Build Skill centre on a day release basis, where you will study for the respective qualifications required to gain your qualification.

The Level 3 apprenticeship is shorter at 16 months long and also integrates a day release basis for in-depth study.

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I’ve been on the apprenticeship a few months now and so far it’s going well. At college and on-site, the people are all good, and everyone is helpful. Glad I got the apprenticeship it is going to help get on the trowel so I can build houses when I am qualified.

Oliver Burgoyne
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I’ve been on the apprenticeship since June, the course has been very detailed but is very useful and a great help practically. I have learnt a lot of skills on site and hope to start laying bricks very soon. The support I receive from college staff has been outstanding, they offer assistance in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship at Buildskill to anyone considering a career in construction.

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I started the apprenticeship in January, the work is fun but can be exhausting but at the end of the day, I am making a better me. The training is amazing, I have developed a huge amount from never seeing or having picked up a trowel, to helping build houses, garages and garden walls. I think an apprenticeship with build skill is really good and would recommend it to anyone.

Luke Morris
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NEECA was introduced to Build Skills through CIBT when Build skills attended both our employer Day and Careers event. Our students can be very challenging and Build Skills have been very supportive towards them. NEECA has had 3 students put on apprenticeships, 3 students attending Traineeships and 1 student on a 14-16 programme to date. NEECA have built close relationships with all staff who we have found both very professional, approachable and incredibly supportive throughout our collaborative working.

North East Essex Co-operative Academy NEECA